Team Training

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Academy
Classes are held three evenings a week for six months. At the conclusion of academy training team members become sworn Reserve Sheriff's Deputies.

Civilian Volunteers
The team has several ?High Risk? civilian volunteers who are EMT trained and MRA certified. These are limited positions for those who do not qualify to become Reserve Deputy Sheriffs.

Mountain Rescue Association
Team members all have very thorough training in mountaineering skills. All team members are required to become Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) certified. This training process takes about two years.

Emergency Medical Technician
Team members are also required to become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).This course lasts approximately five months. When completed with training, each member of the team is an Emergency Medical Technician, Reserve Sheriff's Deputy and MRA certified.

Underground Rescue
A unique aspect of the Santa Clarita Search and Rescue team is that the team includes an Underground Rescue certified member. The team is prepared in the event of mine, cave or any other underground rescues.

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